Detecting 802.1p Priority Tags: Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this series discussed how to determine whether an 802.1p tag was added to traffic, and how to modify the NDIS light-weight-filter (LWF) sample driver source code to accomplish this task. We do know that you're all very busy and not everyone is a developer, so we've added to the package: full source code for the complete filter driver, a command-line tool for accessing the filtered packets, and compiled binaries for you non-developers. We also added the ability to validate *both* 802.1p and DSCP (from the IPv4/IPv6 header). This additional package was added to the existing download, so if you haven't already read part-2 of this series, do so now and you'll find download instructions there. For installation instructions, read the README file in the zip archive.

What do you think? Is this approach (source and tools) helpful? We do actively monitor the QoS forum, so let us know how we can improve your understanding of Windows QoS capabilities.

-- Gabe Frost

-- Huge thanks to Hemant Banavar who authored the tools