LLTD is Available for Non-Windows Platforms

Exciting news; the Windows Rally Development Kit was publicly released today on the Windows Rally technologies website! This porting kit is royalty free and provides full source code for an embedded Linux (yes, you read that correctly) reference implementation. Although Linux was used as a reference, this code is designed for easy porting to other platforms, which has been demonstrated by a number of vendors already. The footprint is very small (less-than 50KB), and targeted for embedded devices such as network routers, access points, NAS, PVRs, media players, etc. As I mentioned previously, not only will your device (with custom icon and attributes) show up in the Windows Vista network map, a qWAVE enabled application can do real-time bandwidth estimation, congestion detection, etc. for adaptive network streaming/transfers. Let the downloads begin!

-- Gabe Frost