New Driver and Application Whitepapers Are Here

We've published two new WPD developer-centric whitepapers at the Microsoft WHDC website for WinHEC.   

The first covers how to do WMDRM metering and license synchronization from a WPD application; the second describes how to port the existing WPD "Hello World" sample driver to communicate with a Parallax Basic Stamp II microcontroller to read temperature sensor data.   Both contain sample code.  


I. Accessing WMDRM APIs from a WPD Application:

This whitepaper describes how to associate a WPD device instance with a WMDM device instance for MTP devices; the WMDM device instance is then used for calling Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) application interfaces. To build the sample WPD application, you need the Windows Media Format SDK v11 and the Windows SDK (v6000).  


II. Creating a WPD Driver for a Microcontroller-Based Sensor:

This sample is based on the Parallax Basic Stamp II microcontroller to provide an example of a simple hardware device that can have a WPD driver for it.   Parallax provides an activity kit that contains the hardware components for this sample driver.  To build the driver, you need the Windows Driver Kit (v6000).  



All WPD-related whitepapers are posted here.  

More information on downloading the various SDKs.


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