The Roadmap for WPF

Today, we announced the roadmap for the WPF platform. The post defines the areas of investment in future releases of WPF, and details the current progress of improvements made to the WPF platform in the .NET Framework 4.6 and Visual Studio 2015.

We have made some key improvements to WPF in this release:

  • Transparent child windows
  • Multi-image cursor files
  • Re-designed Blend experience
  • New set of Visual Diagnostics tools
  • Timeline tool in the Performance and Diagnostics hub

We have also fixed a number of customer reported issues. The best place to ask us questions or engage with the us is in the comments of the roadmap for the WPF platform blog post.


Author: Harikrishna Menon, Program manager, Visual Studio Client Tools Team

Hari is a Program Manager with Microsoft, and works on the Xaml Experiences Team in Visual Studio. He has been with Microsoft for over 6 years, and has shipped multiple versions of Visual Studio working on a variety of XAML tooling experiences spanning different XAML platforms like WPF, Windows Phone and  Windows Store.