Discuss! Is there confusion about styles versus templates?

Are you or have you been confused by what is a style and what is a template? Our documentation hasn’t always been as clear as it can be when discussing Styles and Templates and we’re wondering if we need to be better at distinguishing the two, or if people are able to pick up on the differences pretty quickly. Here are some specific questions to get you thinking.

· Do you know what the primary usage is for a Style?

· Do you know what the primary usage is for a ControlTemplate?

· How long did it take you to figure out the above?

(If you are confused about the difference, check out Styles and Templates – How is everything related. It does a good job of briefly explaining both concepts.)

I have my own thoughts about how the documentation could make the distinction better, but I’d like to hear the community’s opinion before I get on a soap box. Do we need to clarify this area?