Greetings from TechEd 2010

This week I'm hanging out at TechEd 2010 to find out more about what customers are interested in learning about in our documentation. I'll be attending sessions and attempting to get people to tell me all about their experience with the MSDN Library. If you are at TechEd, you can find me (or my friend Cheryl) lurking in the Exhibition Hall in the TLC Blue section, either by the WPF or paterns & practices booth. We'll be trying to get customers to fill out our survey to let us know more about how they use the Library and what they like and don't like about it.  You can also go here to fill out this survey online.  The survey was created by our content architect, Kathleen McGrath, who is also here running around waving surveys!  Your feedback is extremely important to us and we get very little of it.  So if you use the Library, please take a few moments to fill out the Visual Studio and .NET Framework Library Content Survey.