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Next-Generation Data Access: Making the Conceptual Level Real


The ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview


ADO.NET Tech Preview: Entity Data Model


ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview


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ADO.NET Entity Framework on Channel 9

Pablo Castro, Mike Pizzo, and Britt Johnston


Pablo Castro, Britt Johnston, Michael Pizzo: ADO.NET Entity Framework - One Year Later

Pablo Castro, Mike Pizzo, and Britt Johnston


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“How Do I?” Videos — Data Platform Development



MSDN Webcast


Programming LINQ and the ADO.NET Entity Framework (Level 200)

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) introduces an exciting new way for applications to build strongly typed queries that are deeply integrated into the programming language. The ADO.NET Entity Framework allows applications and services to work in terms of an application-oriented Entity Data Model, decoupling the application's data model from the storage considerations of the relational schema. Join this webcast to see how these two technologies work together to change the way applications work with data.


24 Hours of SQL Server 2008: Using the Microsoft Data Platform for Easy Data Access with SQL Server 2008 (Level 100)

Join this series as we look at Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as a productive data platform. Throughout this series, we use Contoso (Container Overseas Shipping Operation) LTD as our scenario customer while we explore the features that make SQL Server 2008 this platform.


MSDN geekSpeak: Julie Lerman on ADO.NET (Level 200)

MSDN geekSpeak is a new kind of webcast series, hosted by Glen Gordon and Susan Wisowaty from the MSDN Events team, that provides a "talk-radio" format where industry experts share their knowledge of and experience with a particular developer technology. In this installment of geekSpeak, Julia Lerman, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), discusses the next version of ADO.NET, which presents a host of new ways to interact with data in your Microsoft .NET applications. Learn how the ADO.NET Entity Framework provides for abstracted access to your data, client views and schemas, and mapping of data to objects. See how you can build queries on the client against your own views and schemas using Entity SQL and Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).


Entity Framework for Database Administrators (Level 200)

The Entity Framework is a new data technology from Microsoft that may particularly interest database administrators (DBAs). Join this webcast to see how this technology can radically change the development of applications from a DBA perspective, and also change access patterns on servers. We discuss these changes and their impact on DBAs and data developers.


Framework Masterclass: LINQ to Entities (Level 200)

In other sessions, we explored how Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is used for Structured Query Language (SQL) databases and working with XML. In this webcast, we connect to the data access layer, the business objects that provide the functionality of working with enterprise data. Join us to learn how you can make your LINQ applications really sing when working with entities.





Entity Framework Beta 3 Samples


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ADO.NET Entity Framework & LINQ to Relational Data



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ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities