Azure Update - May 2017

May 31

Azure BizTalk Services: Simplifying our Azure offerings

May 31

Azure DevTest Labs: Changes in exporting custom image VHD files

May 29

Azure DevTest Labs: Use Azure CLI to claim VMs in a lab

May 24

Azure Batch updates for May 2017

May 24

New Azure Data Catalog capabilities

May 24

Azure DevTest Labs: Streamlined nested support for Resource Manager template deployment

May 22

DocumentDB customers, welcome to Azure Cosmos DB

May 18

Critical update (Update 0.5) for StorSimple Virtual Array

May 16

General availability: Windows Server Container orchestration with Azure Service Fabric

May 16

Release of Service Fabric SDK 2.6.204 and runtime 5.6.204 for Windows

May 10

Introducing the Azure app (preview)

May 10

Azure Enterprise Agreement Support Plan Upgrade Offer extended until June 30, 2018

May 9

Storage accounts available only in the Azure portal from May 15

May 8

Azure Backup available in Microsoft Azure Germany

May 8

Site Recovery available in Microsoft Azure Germany

May 5

Azure DevTest Labs: Use Azure CLI to create and manage environments with multiple VMs or PaaS resources

May 4

General availability: Azure Network Watcher in all public regions

May 3

General availability: On-premises data gateway for Logic Apps

May 2

Newly created Azure SQL databases will be encrypted at rest by default