BLinq: Wow and w’s there


BLinq is Linq integration to ASP.NET Applications which is now available in official ASP.NET website at You can download and install the exe to work with BLinq. BLinq is named keeping in mind that the web world is captured by blog sites and Linq is the core mapping technology behind it.


If you face any issue the use the BLinq forum at


Download is available at


Before downloading you can check the prerequisites to enjoy the feature. The forum queries and feedback are being addressed by Polita Paulus who created this tool. So you can expect positive response from the forum. Before starting you can watch the 17 minute video from This is a really interesting video by the creator of BLinq.


Here is a small example on the BLinq switches


From command browse the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft ASP.NET\Blinq


Then in the command prompt type


blinq /server:myServer\myInstance /database:Northwind /namespace:MyBlinq

/vDir:MyBlinqVD /t:c:\MyBlinqD /user:dbCracker /password:secret!

Lot more other switches are available. This will create a virtual directory with the name MyBlinqVD from the existing folder at c:\MyBlinqD from the Northwind database at myServer’s myInstance using the user credential dbCracker\secret!


Let’s explore more and give feedback to developer directly.


[I am dedicating this article to one of my friends new born baby “Sricharan”]