Entity Framework 5 and 6 Roadmap

Entity Framework 5

The Entity Framework team is in the final stages of completing the EF 5 release. Entity Framework 5 RC is currently available on NuGet and introduces the following new features:

· Enum support allows you to have enum properties in your entity classes. This new feature is available for Model, Database and Code First.

· Table-valued functions in your database can now be used with Database First.

· Spatial data types can now be exposed in your model using the DbGeography and DbGeometry types. Spatial data is supported in Model, Database and Code First.

· The performance enhancements that is blogged are included in EF 5 Beta 1.

The following new features are also available in the Entity Model Designer in Visual Studio 2012:

· Multiple-diagrams per model allows you to have several diagrams that visualize subsections of your overall model.

· Batch import of stored procedures allows multiple stored procedures to be added to the model during model creation.

Entity Framework 6

EF 6 will be the next release after we have completed the EF5 and Visual Studio 2012 release. This repository will be used to ship EF 6 and future releases.

This repository currently includes the Entity Framework runtime and Entity Framework Power Tools. We are working to include the Entity Framework Designer in the future.

Here are the features we are planning to implement first in the EF6 release:

· Task-based async - Allowing EF to take advantage of .NET 4.5. async support with async queries, updates, etc.

· Stored Procedures & Functions in Code First - Allow mapping to stored procs and database functions using the Code First APIs.

· Custom Code First conventions - Allowing custom conventions to be written and registered with Code First.