TechEd 2011 India

Thanks everyone. It was pleasure talking to all of you in India TechEd 2011 on “Choosing Right Data Access Methodologies”. It was a jam packed session and a lot of people were standing or sitting on the stage. I loved talking. Huge!!!

I have been getting emails to share resources. Let me tell you one thing. The slide and the recording will be available on TechEd 2011 India website. So keep watching.

Here I will share the demo and the database script. I have uploaded them at 

Steps to follow,

1. In your local SQL Server create a database TestDB .

2 Run the script “01 TechEd2011_TestDB_Create and Insert.sql ” from share. This will create the tables and dummy value to it.

3. Open the “” file and change the connection strings in all .config files. Please feel free to comment here or send me email at <> for any quick assistance.

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Blogs to follow

ADO.NET Team blog

WCF Data Services Team blog

A big thank to everyone for coming in after heavy lunch and before the India world cup match. Amazing dedication and willingness to learn. Time was limited so was not able to show a many exciting things there. Keep watching my blog and I will keep things posted.