VB.NET 9.0: Object and Array Initializers

Last week I was exploring VB.NET for the ISV demo delivery. Some findings I want to share with you. First the object and Array Initializers


Let’s suppose we have a class called Customer

Public Class Customer

    Public Id As Integer

    Public Name As String

End Class


Now when you initialize this object in conventional VB.NET, this could be your approach,

Dim cust As New Customer()

With cust

    .Id = 1

    .Name = "VB.NET"

End With


Now in VB.NET 9.0 we do things in little differently,


Dim cust = New Customer() With {.Id = 2, .Name = "VB.NET 9.0"}


Also for array initialization in VB.NET we go for,


Dim objCusts(1) As Customer

objCusts(0) = New Customer() With {.Id = 3, .Name = "VB.NET 10.0"}

objCusts(1) = New Customer() With {.Id = 4, .Name = "VB.NET 11.0"}


In VB.NET 9.0 we write,


Dim objCusts() As Customer = { _

    New Customer() With {.Id = 3, .Name = "VB.NET 10.0"}, _

    New Customer() With {.Id = 4, .Name = "VB.NET 11.0"}}


It is small (to me simple), it is sweet.