Cool New Mobile Services Content for PhoneGap and .NET Backend

I wanted to do a quick post to highlight some cool new Azure Mobile Services and Azure Notification Hubs samples and content that we recently published…

PhoneGap Push Notification Sample

I recently published an updated version of my TodoListNotifications sample for PhoneGap on GitHub. This new version registers with Notification Hubs for push notifications by using the integrated REST APIs provided by Mobile Services--which are actually simpler to use than the Notification Hubs REST APIs. It works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices.
I also wrote a new blog post on the Azure Mobile Services team blog that details how the sample works.

Scheduled Jobs .NET Backend Tutorial

The .NET backend version of the Schedule recurring jobs in Mobile Services tutorial is finally published. It got held-up a bit by a blocking product bug having to do with component runtime versions, which has now been fixed (a very good thing). While the JavaScript version has been available for quite a while, this particular topic was very cool to write and should be worth reading for the following reasons:

  • Shows how to create and register a scheduled job in a .NET backend WebAPI project (as promised by the title).
  • Features the LINQ-to-Twitter provider, a super easy way to make OAuth 2.0 queries against Twitter.
  • Requires changes to the existing data model, which is always exciting using Code First Entity Framework.
  • Demonstrates direct access of SQL Database tables from the backend using Entity Framework.

Leaderboard Sample

Mike Wasson published a new topic Creating a Leaderboard App with Azure Mobile Services .NET Backend that describes how he built a leaderboard sample app (Windows Store client) for a mobile game platform using Mobile Services with a .NET backend service that supports the app.

TicTacToeMobileServices Sample

Gordon Hogenson has updated his TicTacToeMobileServices sample app to add a .NET backend version to the existing JavaScript backend mobile service (the client is still Windows Store 8.1). The sample is described in detail here.



Glenn Gailey