New Azure Mobile samples and tutorials

I’m excited to announce that we have some interesting new content and samples published to support Azure Mobile Services and Azure App Service Mobile Apps. Most of this new content was asked for by customers, which makes it even more fun to share this.

Custom authentication sample

I was challenged by a customer via Twitter to publish a custom authentication project that includes both backend and universal Windows client (as I described in my previous post) but that also used Azure Table storage.


This sample demonstrates adding custom authentication to the TodoList quickstart mobile service .NET backend project. By default, this project uses Azure SQL Database for data storage, but the readme shows you how to convert storage to use Azure Table storage. This solution includes a universal Windows 8.1 project that is used to test the custom authentication in the mobile service.

Hybrid Connections tutorial for Mobile Apps


Like the ones for Mobile Services and Web Apps, this new tutorial shows you how to connect your Azure App Service mobile app to an on-premises SQL Server database by using Hybrid Connections.

Universal Windows version of Upload images to Azure Storage by using Mobile Services


It took a while to get this done, but the upload images tutorials are very popular. Now, there is a universal Windows 8.1 app version that uses the new MediaCapture APIs that support both Windows and Windows Phone devices. We are also working on the Android version now that the Azure Storage SDK for Android is available (stay tuned).

Xamarin.Forms version of the TodoList quickstart project


Xamarin.Forms is becoming more and more popular, but sadly we may never get an official Xamarin.Forms  version of the TodoList app quickstart that you can download from the portal for your mobile service. Luckily, our resident Xamarin expert, Norm Estabrook, wrote for us a Xamarin.Forms version of TodoList.

The good news is that there is already full quickstart support for Xamarin.Forms in Mobile Apps:


Add push notifications to your Xamarin.Forms app


Norm also added a nice Xamarin.Forms version of the Add push notifications to your app series of Mobile Services tutorials. The cool thing about this is that it’s a cross-platform tutorial that leverages template registrations in Notification Hubs to send simultaneous registrations to iOS (APNS), Android (GCM), and Windows (WNS) platforms. 

Next, I need to spend some time cleaning up the preview Mobile Apps topics.


Glenn Gailey