Deploy Always On VPN with Windows 10 Clients and Windows Server 2016

One of the new features of the Windows 10 Virtual Private Network (VPN) client is the ability to sustain an "always on" VPN connection to your organization network.

The always on feature lets you remotely manage VPN clients, because if the remote computer is turned on and Internet connected, it's available to manage. This feature is also more convenient for users, who don't have to connect and disconnect their VPN connections manually.

To celebrate this new feature, there is a new Windows Server 2016 Remote Access deployment guide that is now live on the web.

You can use this guide to deploy Always On Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections for remote employees by using Remote Access in Windows Server 2016 and Always On VPN profiles for Windows 10 client computers.

For more information, see the guide at the following locations.