Manage Network Bandwidth Across Active Directory Infrastructure with QoS Policy

You can use QoS Policy as a central point of network bandwidth management across your entire Active Directory infrastructure by creating QoS profiles, whose settings are distributed with Group Policy.

Policy-based QoS is the network bandwidth management tool that provides you with network control - based on applications, users, and computers.

Policy-based QoS takes advantage of your existing management infrastructure, because Policy-based QoS is built into Group Policy. You can apply QoS policies to a user login session or a computer as part of a Group Policy object (GPO) that you have linked to an Active Directory container, such as a domain, site, or organizational unit (OU).

QoS traffic management occurs below the application layer, which means that your existing applications do not need to be modified to benefit from the advantages that are provided by QoS policies.

QoS Policy is supported in Windows Server operating systems from 2008 through Windows Server 2016.

For more information, see the Windows Server 2016 Technical Library document set Quality of Service (QoS) Policy.