New BranchCache Deployment Guide for Windows Server 2016

The BranchCache Deployment Guide for Windows Server 2016 is now live on the Web!

You can use the deployment guide for both domain based and non-domain based deployments of BranchCache. Domain based deployments provide the advantage of using Group Policy, including the use of Service Connection Points for Hosted Cache Servers.

This guide also provides detailed steps for deploying Content Servers, Hosted Cache Servers, and client computers in either Distributed Cache mode, where the branch office cache is shared among clients, or Hosted Cache mode, where there is a Hosted Cache Server in the branch office that services local clients.

For more information about BranchCache, see the December 2015 blog post BranchCache in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview.

For more information about BranchCache deployment, see BranchCache Deployment Guide.