New DirectAccess with Network Access Protection (NAP) solution available

The DirectAccess with Network Access Protection (NAP) solution is a pilot for a new type of content that provides technical information and deployment guidance for larger solutions or scenarios that require multiple Windows Server technologies or Microsoft products. The deployment guidance provides recommended phases of deployment of the overall solution and links to existing design and deployment content for DirectAccess and NAP.

This pilot consists of the following topics:

· DirectAccess with NAP Solution Overview

Describes both DirectAccess and NAP and the benefits of their integration for a single solution.

· DirectAccess with NAP Architecture Overview

Describes the infrastructure components of the DirectAccess with NAP solution and how NAP enforcement works for a DirectAccess client on the Internet.

· DirectAccess with NAP Deployment Roadmap

Describes the steps in the DirectAccess with NAP solution, including design requirements, links to deployment checklists, and a deployment requirements checkpoint for each step.

· DirectAccess with NAP Core IO Guide

Describes advanced automation and how to use system information streams for operational and business intelligence.

· Test Lab Guides for DirectAccess with NAP

Describes the set of guides to demonstrate and troubleshoot DirectAccess with NAP in a test lab.

Please take a look. We would love to hear from you about whether this kind of content is useful to you to understand and deploy multi-technology/product solutions.

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Thanks in advance.

Joe Davies
Principal Technical Writer
Windows Server Networking Documentation Team