2008 Cumulative Time Zone Update for Windows now available

Hello Folks,

We wanted to bring to your attention that the 2008 Cumulative Time Zone Update for Windows has been released to the Microsoft Download Center (DLC) for currently supported Windows OS versions (including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista).

This update can be found in KB article 942763 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942763)

As noted previously, the annual 2008 Cumulative Time Zone Update for Windows sets the known, correct dates for 2008 (including 2008 changes for Australia, Brazil and other countries we know that have changed their observance of DST entry/exit dates or time zones in 2008). This early drop of the update allows IT professionals and sysadmins to test the installation and deployment of the cumulative update roll-ups prior to broad distribution. The update packages will be distributed to computers via Windows Update in early December (the second Tuesday, Dec 11).

Guidance for consumers and unmanaged customers: Generally, consumers should allow for the updates to be installed on their computers via Windows Update rather than download and install these updates from the DLC. 


Cecilia Cole

WSUS Program Manager