Silverlight now available

Hi WSUS Admins:

Just a friendly reminder, the latest Silverlight update rollup was released today. So if you have Silverlight deployed in your environment make sure you validate and approve it to continue Silverlight’s serviceability in your managed environment. If you haven’t deployed Silverlight yet, you can sync feature packs and approve Silverlight for distribution to your managed computers.

Silverlight is a technology used by developers to provide both a browsing experience and Internet service interactions. Clients will always need to have the latest version of Silverlight in order to access the broadest number of Web sites and services. Clients with direct web access and administrative rights on their computer can get these updates by navigating to a Silverlight Website, but you can choose to deploy Silverlight through WSUS, ensuring that the client always has the most secure, stable, and functional version of Silverlight installed.

For more information on Silverlight click here.


Cecilia Cole

WSUS Program Manager