Update on svchost/msi performance issue and 3.0 Client distribution plan

Hi Folks

In addition to the next week’s WSUS 3.0 release, we are making the new client portion available via the following plan to our customers who continue to experience performance issues like UI hang and long scan times.

The new WUA client addresses these issues with deep architectural performance optimizations. Combining the installation of the new client, with the latest MSI fix available in KB927891 available on Microsoft Download Center, will completely address the what we have fondly called the svchost/msi issue. It’s important to keep in mind that the new client is only a partial solution and clients must have both KB927891 and the new 3.0 client installed for a full solution.

On May 1st, a standalone version of the client will also be made available to those of you who need to address this performance issue now. Although this will be immediately available, it will have to be independently distribute. Instructions on how to get this standalone new 3.0 client version are available at - http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa387285.aspx

On May 22nd. The following WSUS 3.0 full and client only updates will be available to WSUS:

Keep in mind that the new client is only a partial solution for the svchost/msi issue and clients must have both KB927891 and the new 3.0 client installed for a full solution.

· A critical update for WSUS 2.0 SP1 which contains the WSUS 3.0 client self update tree. This critical update, applicable to WSUS 2.0 SP1 Server, if approved will install a new client self update versioned tree on the server. When mapped clients check in with this updated WSUS 2.0 SP1 server, their clients will check their version against that installed on the server, see that they no longer have the latest version, and immediately self update to 3.0 versions. The server will remain a 2.0 version with the capability to support the 3.0 clients.

  • For SBS R2 WSUS 2.0 servers, another critical update will be made available which will when approved, upgrade the R2 servers to WSUS 3.0. Subsequent to upgrade, the former 2.0 clients will self update to version 3.0.
  • For all other servers running WSUS 2.0 (including SBS servers OTHER than R2) we will also be offering a WSUS 3.0 recommended update. This update, when approved on servers running WSUS 2.0 will upgrade to 3.0, and as with the critical update, cause mapped clients at first check-in with the newly updated server, to self update to 3.0.
  • For SBS non R2 customers, both of these updates will be available for your approval depending on the update scenario, and or client update path you wish to pursue.

We appreciate your patience while we pushed to make these architectural improvements to the client, and find a way to make them available in a variety of ways to suit your upgrade plans as well as your immediate needs.

Thank you the WSUS v3 team

Update on 5/15: Based on the comments here, a follow-up entry blog entry has been posted @ http://blogs.technet.com/wsus/archive/2007/05/15/srvhost-msi-issue-follow-up.aspx

Please refer to that post for clarifications on expectations after 3.0 client and KB927891 fixes are installed. Please use that post for more feedback.