Microsoft Extends Xbox Music API Availability for Third-Party Developers

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With that, we're very happy to announce Groove API availability for third party developers (didn't see that coming, did you!?) Building upon our internal service stack and clients on Windows 10, Xbox One, Windows Phone, the Web, Android and iOS, we’re inviting developers to dream up ways to make your apps and experiences cool and exciting by opening up our service REST APIs to the world. We made it dead simple for anyone to innovate, demo and build great integration around Groove.  So what are you waiting for?  Ahh, you probably want some details.  Well let's go!


API Features

The API is a set of easy to use REST methods, including CORS, JSONP and Flash cross domain support. The complete documentation is available here.

Music is first and foremost about content. We've opened access to our 38 million track catalog in 23 countries. We let you search our catalog for artists, albums and tracks. Once you've found what you're interested in, you can lookup extra information for that piece of content, such as an artist's albums. Want to make content more appealing in your application? We also give you access to an extensive set of artist and album images. We also provide deep-links into existing Groove applications on most of our platforms.

Taking it a step further, you get access to user authenticated features of Groove. User authenticated features will at first be restricted to members of our pilot program. Read the subscriber's music library and playlists, add new music content or create new playlists. Curating content to fit a user's taste is complex. With access to a user's personal collection, you can tailor your experience to better meet his needs in your experience. Everything you do to the user's collection and playlists will roam seamlessly to Groove first party apps as well as other third party apps like your own.

I'm sure the question you're all burning to ask is how to get access to actual music in your own applications. The good news is that we're providing full access to 30 second MP3 previews for our entire catalog. They're served as HTTP progressive downloads, making it simple for you to use them. If you want to push integration further, we allow access to full track streaming for Groove Pass subscribers.

You no doubt know that authentication is often a tricky bit when integrating with third party services. We're providing simple to use single sign-in integration with Microsoft Account for user authenticated scenarios.  For other features, you only need to sign-up to the Groove offer on Azure Data Market to get an access key.

All the above is subject to a terms of use which all developers should read carefully before launching any integration experience.



On top of service features, we're also launching a generous affiliates offer. Every user you redirect to the Groove application can earn you money on content purchases and Groove Pass subscriptions.

To make things even better, we're not limiting the affiliates program to the device the user was on when clicking on a link. The user could be opening up a link on his Windows 10 tablet and subscribing on a Windows Phone. You would still be getting affiliation revenue sharing for that subscription.

Learn more about the Microsoft Private Program


Easy to integrate


Since we started opening up the API, multiple tutorials and open source clients have been published by the developer community we've seen great responses from the developer community. We want to make it very easy for you to start experimenting and integrating with Groove. Check-out our new Groove for developers GitHub account page for a sample portable .Net SDK.

Have fun and rock out!