New System Update & More Backwards Compat Games

We posted two updates last night.

New System Update:

This update has no new features. It only addresses a font issue that consoles with a language set to Chinese would have seen. (System Version for this new update is 2.0.2858)

There are no other changes in this build. In fact there were no other code changes at all, as this was just the change of a single font file added to the update package.

Backwards Compatibility Update

Version 1.4 of the Back Compat emulator now supports these additional titles:

1. 4x4 EVO 2
2. Amped® 2
3. Bad Boys 2
4. Big Mutha Truckers
5. DOOM 3®
6. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
7. Fatal Frame™
8. FlatOut™
9. Grabbed by the Ghoulies™
10. Intellivision Lives
11. LEGO® Star Wars®
12. Minority Report
13. MLB SlugFest 20-04
14. The Punisher™
15. RalliSport Challenge
16. Silent Hill® 4: The Room
17. Spawn® Armageddon
18. Spider-Man
19. Star Wars Battlefront™
20. State of Emergency
21. Zapper™

Additional Japanese-only titles:

Bistro Cupid 1
Flight Academy
Othello Seminar
Igo Seminar
Shogi Seminar
Mahjong Seminar

For those Xbox 360 owners that do not have access to Xbox Live, will be updated soon with instructions on how to download this update through your PC soon.

Personally I’m super excited about 2 of these titles that are now supported; Amped® 2, as I was part of the team that produced this game, and LEGO® Star Wars®, as this was the one game my kids cannot put down. Finally I can retire my original Xbox!

The Back-Compat team is already hard at work on the next version. As always we look to user feedback on which titles to target first so please send feedback to

-IndieGames (Daryl Welsh)