New Game Development Page and Tutorials on App Hub

App Hub today launches a game development landing page with guidance for beginning, amateur, and professional developers, plus an evolved XNA Game Studio guide for beginners, called the Game Development Tutorial.

See the game development landing page, jump in and start the XNA Game Studio Tutorial, or read on for more information.

Game Development Landing Page

Game developers now have a page dedicated to creating and selling games across Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7.

  • Beginning developers and those new to Marketplace will find step-by-step guidance.
  • Veteran developers will find information about the professional programs offered by Xbox LIVE, including contact information and entrance guidelines.

New content for game developers will show up here first. Point your browser to to keep up with the latest, or, from the App Hub main page, select the Education tab and then Game Development.

XNA Game Development Tutorial Series

Jump into game development with the Game Development Tutorial, a combination video and code guide developed in cooperation with MSDN’s Channel 9. Bite-sized videos lay out the concepts and teach design, art, and programming skills. Individuals or teams can participate in the learning.

Source code and detailed lessons are in searchable plaintext, all displayed in a browser, so the experience is easy to navigate and use right along with Visual Studio.

Access the tutorial any time from the Game Development page, or jump right into the first section.