Xbox LIVE Indie Games: New Control Your Game Release Feature

We're excited to announce a new feature on App Hub that we have added to the peer review system for Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Based on developer community feedback, we have enabled developers to control the release of their games that have passed peer review. This feature will help developers to better coordinate social networking, press, and other opportunities for the release of their titles on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.


How Does it Work?

By default, games will automatically be published when peer review is complete. This change adds a check box that developers can check if they want to control their games' release.

If the developer checks this box, the game will stay in a "ready to publish" state after passing peer review. The developer can then return to the game's page and click the "Publish Now" button, which sends the game to the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel on Xbox LIVE Marketplace within 24 hours.

This system works in a similar way to the Windows Phone Marketplace, which allows developers control over their app releases.

We expect this new feature will better equip you, our Xbox LIVE Indie Game developers, to create buzz and excitement for your great games prior to their release. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this feature, please reply to our forum thread on App Hub.