Announcing the Windows HD Imaging AQ

Last week Microsoft announced an Additional Qualification (AQ) for the Windows 7 Logo program called Windows® HD Imaging that requires adoption of the XPS for qualifying printers and applications, and promotes XPS as a key technology in the end-to-end high fidelity digital imaging experience.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Windows® Logo program, its purpose is to allow partners to deliver, and consumers to identify, systems, applications, and devices that are known to be compatible and reliable with Windows® based on testing developed by Microsoft. Logo’d products that offer specific enhanced user experiences can also earn Additional Qualifications (AQ) - in this case devices that use the latest printing and imaging developments in Windows® (XPS, WCS, WIC, Color Management) to offer the best end-to-end digital imaging experience.

There are a number of technologies that will be highlighted during the launch of Windows 7, and a specific subset of these will be eligible to earn AQs by passing tests in the Windows Logo Kit:

1. Device Stage™

2. Windows® Touch

3. Windows® HD Imaging

4. Windows® Media Center

The Windows® HD Imaging AQ will identify devices and software that capture high-fidelity color images and preserve that fidelity through image editing and printing with Windows® and will create a common language for customers looking to capture and print high fidelity images.

High-level requirements:

Cameras that make images available using RAW (+ WIC Codec) or HD Photo formats can qualify

Printers that support XPS, PrintSchema, and that pass the Windows Logo ColorFidelity tests can qualify for the AQ

Applications that support WIC to open RAW files, or that support HD Photo for editing, and that print using the XPS print path will be able to qualify for the AQ

The requirements can be accessed in Logopoint under

Additional details are available in the Windows Logo Program newsletter for April 21, 2009: