OPC Conformance Numbers Mapping

There were a number of changes to the conformance rule numbers in the Open Packaging Conventions (working draft 1.4) as we posted earlier this month. Below is the mapping of conformance rule numbers (sorted by the new rule numbers) from 0.85 to working draft 1.4. Newly added conformance rules do not have an "Old #" whereas deprecated conformance rules do not have a "New #".

New # Old # New # Old # New # Old # New # Old # New # Old #
M1.1 M1.1 M1.33 MB.1 S2.5 O3.1 O2.8 M6.25 M3.27
M1.2 M1.2 M1.34 MB.2 S2.6 O3.2 OD.1 M6.26 M3.28
M1.3 M1.3 MB.3 S2.1 S2.7 M4.1 M3.1 M6.27 M3.29
M1.4 M1.4 O1.1 S2.2 S2.8 M4.2 M3.2 M6.28 M3.30
M1.5 M1.5 O1.1 O1.2 S2.3 S2.9 M4.3 MG.1 M6.29 M3.31
M1.6 M1.6 O1.3 S2.4 S2.10 M4.4 MG.2 M6.30 M3.32
M1.7 M1.7 O1.4 S2.5 S2.11 M4.5 MG.3 M6.31 M3.33
M1.8 M1.8 O1.2 O2.1 O2.1 M5.1 M3.3 M6.32 M3.34
M1.9 M1.9 O1.3 O1.5 O2.2 O2.2 O5.1 O3.1 M6.33 M3.35
M1.10 M1.10 O1.4 O1.6 O2.3 O2.3 M6.1 M3.4 M6.34
M1.11 M1.11 O1.5 O1.7 O2.4 O2.4 M6.2 M6.35
M1.12 O1.6 O2.5 O2.5 M6.3 M3.5 S6.1 S3.2
M1.13 O1.7 O1.8 O2.6 O2.6 M6.4 M3.6 S6.2 S3.1, S3.3
M1.14 M2.1 O2.7 O2.7 M6.5 M3.7 S6.3 S3.4
M1.15 M2.1 M3.1 M2.18 M6.6 S6.4 S3.5
M1.12 M1.16 M2.2 M2.2 M3.2 M2.20 M6.7 M3.8 S6.5
M1.13 M1.17 M2.3 M2.3 M3.3 M2.21 M6.8 M3.9 O6.1 O3.2
M1.14 M1.18 M2.4 M2.4 M3.4 M2.22 M6.9 M3.10 O6.2
M1.15 M1.19 M2.5 M2.5 M3.5 M2.29 M6.10 M3.11 O3.3
M1.16 M1.21 M2.6 M2.6 M3.6 M2.23 M6.11 M3.12 O6.4 O3.4
M1.17 M1.22 M2.7 M2.7 M3.7 M2.24 M6.12 M3.13 O6.5 O3.5
M1.18 M1.32 M2.8 M2.8 M3.8 M2.25 M6.13 M3.14 O6.6 O3.6
M1.19 M1.33 M2.9 M2.9 M3.9 M6.14 M3.15 O6.7 O3.7
M1.20 M1.34 M2.10 M2.10 M3.9 M2.26 M6.15 M3.16 O6.8 O3.8
M1.21 M1.35 M2.11 M2.11 M3.11 M2.27 M6.16 M3.17 O6.9 O3.9
M1.22 M1.20 M2.12 M2.12 M3.13 M6.17 M3.18 O3.10
M1.23 M1.23 M2.13 M2.13 M3.14 MD.1 M6.18 M3.13 O6.10 O3.11
M1.24 M1.24 M2.14 M2.14 M3.15 MD.2 M3.19 O6.11 O3.12
M1.25 M1.25 M2.15 M2.15 M3.16 MD.3 M6.19 M3.20 M7.1 MC.1
M1.26 M1.26 M2.16 M2.16 M3.17 MD.4 M3.21 M7.2 MC.2
M1.27 M1.27 M2.17 M2.17 M3.18 MD.6 M6.20 M3.22 M7.3 MC.3
M1.28 M1.28 M2.18 M2.19 M3.19 MD.5 M6.21 M7.4
M1.29 M1.29 S2.1 M3.20 MD.7 M3.23
M1.30 M1.30 S2.2 M3.21 MD.8 M6.22 M3.24
M1.31 M1.31 S2.3 S3.1 S2.12 M6.23 M3.25
M1.32 S2.4 S3.2 M2.28 M6.24 M3.26