XPS 0.95 Conformance Rule Updates

We've been working to improve the conformance rules summarized in Appendix J of the XPS specification. We've made a few changes for v0.95, described below. Where a rule has been deprecated, the deprecated rule ID has been retired, the other rule IDs have not changed, and all references to the deprecated rule have been updated (where appropriate).

  • M2.36 has been corrected so that validation by consumers is required only if the consumer supports/uses thumbnails.
  • M5.8 exactly duplicated rule M5.2. These rules were combined and M5.8 has been deprecated.
  • M5.21 described consumer behavior on validation of M5.19, so these rules have been combined. M5.21 has been deprecated. 
  • S7.1 and O7.4 directly conflicted with rule M2.10. The conformance rules have been removed from the specificaton, and the IDs have been deprecated in favor of rule M2.10.
  • O7.2 is a proper subset of O7.7. Consequently, these rules were combined and rule O7.7 has been deprecated. 
  • M8.26 duplicated rule M8.1. These rules were combined and M8.26 has been deprecated.

We have a few other work items to resolve that may also impact conformance rules, but wanted to update you on these changes right away.