XPS Test Tools

The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Beta 2 contains several useful tools for working with XPS Documents, including:

  • isXPS: Tool to validate various conformance requirements of produced XPS Documents. Still called by its former name, isReach, in this release of the WDK.
  • PTConform: Tool to validate conformance of PrintTickets.
  • LooksGood: Tool to compare the output of a RIP to a known good source.

These test programs are used in Printing tests included in the Driver Test Manager, which is part of the Windows Driver Kit. The test job "XPS-OPC Compliance Test" uses isReach.exe. PTConform.exe is run by the job "PrintTicket Conformance Test", and LooksGood.exe is run by the job "XPS Rendering Verification Test".

After the Driver Test Manager controller has been installed, it will have a shared folder on it, named "Tests". All of the files used in DTM test jobs are located in that share, so if the machine where you have installed DTM were named "DTM", the paths to these executables, where <platform-name> is either "x86fre" or "amd64fre", would be:


Note that isReach.exe requires ReachPartValidator.dll and ReachStructureValidator.dll, both located in the same isReach folder, as well as the logging dll’s described below.


Note that LooksGood.exe requires LooksGoodLib.dll, located in the same LooksGood folder, plus the logging dll’s.

The logging dll’s required by isReach.exe and LooksGood.exe are the four dll’s to be found in


In the case of PTConform, <platform-name> can also be "ia64fre", and it may be found at


If these tools would be valuable to you, you can find out more information about the WDK beta program here.