Adding symbols and characters to your web page

Expression Web 4 includes a new Symbol dialog box that enables you to insert symbols and characters in either the Design view or Code view of your web page. You can browse all available characters or choose a subset of characters from the Type menu.

Symbols dialog in Expression Web 4

 For quick access the Special Characters tab lists only the most commonly-used characters, such as the copyright symbol, em dash, en dash, registered and trademark symbols:

Special Characters tab of the Symbol dialog box in Expression Web 4 

Unlike earlier versions of the Symbol dialog box, the Symbol dialog box in Expression Web 4 inserts only the entity name for the character you select and adds nothing else; the Symbol dialog does not add paragraph or span tags, and does not apply a font and style to the character you insert. Consider that reason #11 to get your (potentially free) copy of Expression Web 4 today!