Commerce Server "Mojave" November 2008 Release

For those of you looking for the next step in making SharePoint a top notch application development platform,  I bring to you Commerce Server "Mojave"!  The November 2008 CTP was just released before the Thanksgiving break and can be found at the link below.   This version of Commerce server brings the new multi-channel commerce foundation.  This new run-time API adds new out-of-box functionality, adds pervasive multi-channel awareness, and unifies the run-time calling model across all subsystems.  Also delivered in this release is the complete gallery of 29 new Web Parts for SharePoint as well and an unskinned out-of-box e-commerce site.  Check it out now and make SharePoint the go to Application platform for all sites. With Content Management and E-Commerce on the same platform the sky is the limit with regard to rapid application development.