Visual Studio 2010 Spell Checker!

One of the things that inevitably gets many developers when writing code is a misspelled word or name of a method, property, function, event, etc.  Correctly spelling “review”  in your code or any other words which are commonly misspelled due to typo or just not remembering “i” before “e” except after “c” is important, especially when writing an API or working in a team.  These errors cause productivity issues and a lot of headache and refactoring later.  Well finally there is a solution to help with this,  Spell Checking of your variable names and comments in Visual Studio!  This is delivered via the Visual Studio Extensions.  To manage your extensions from Visual Studio 2010, navigate to the menu and choose Tools->Extension Manager.  There you will find all sorts of goodies including the Spell Checker.  There are actually a few out there but the one I recommend is the one from Microsoft (of course ;)).  A description can be found here You can install right from the Extension Manager however, and add all the other extensions you might find useful.  The extensions do not work with the “Express” version of the product but all other versions! 

I have installed this and have been enjoying the fact that now my code is all correctly spelled :)! Enjoy and happy coding!