Asset Intelligence License Wizard

Update : This tool is now at v1.4, see this post :

The “Asset Intelligence License Wizard”(AILW) is tool to help manage non-Microsoft licenses with Asset Intelligence, a feature of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

Without this tool, non-Microsoft licenses must be managed through CSV files using a specific format.

AILW connects to a SCCM site to list both applications discovered by AI (what you see in the AI node in the console) and applications for which licenses have already been imported by a previous CSV (stored in the DB).

You can then make changes like adding licenses to AI-detected apps, disabling non-AI or by adding a completely new line for license purposes (like you would do in the CSV, except you have the mandatory fields ready for you). Eventually, choose to create a CSV, import it, or do both at once (like a “fire and forget” where the CSV file does not seem to be used).


If you plan to use this tool, have a look at the Readme file for instructions. Also remember it is provided "as is" and is not supported.