Windows 7 Beta – Go Get It!

Today during CES, Steve Ballmer announced and presented Windows 7 Beta and by this Friday it will be publicly available for download from Windows 7 homepage. If you are MSDN Subscriber, you can download Windows 7 Beta right now! Here are the instructions on how to download and install Windows 7 Beta.

By making Windows 7 Beta publicly available we are hoping developers and enthusiasts will download it and the SDK, and will start testing this new Microsoft OS – Windows 7. Now that the beta is out and available, we can start engaging developers and can provide them with technical content so they can test and experiment with Windows 7.

You already found this blog, the Windows 7 Blog for Developers, so you are on the right track. Another awesome place to get great content is Channel 9, and specifically, Windows 7 on Channel 9. Obviously, Windows Development Center on MSDN is also a good place for Windows 7 technical content. You can also go to DevReadiness - a developer community site dedicated to assisting the Windows ISV ecosystem develop high quality applications for new versions of the platform.

We are also starting a series of Channel 9 videos, and posts on specific topics such as the Windows 7 Taskbar, Windows 7 Ribbon, Sensors, and Location Platform, but this will have to wait for another day.