Windows 7 Blog for Developer Is Moving!


That's right folks, we are moving to a new location, becoming part of  The Windows Blog. As part of The Windows Blog, we will join the greater Windows messaging community and will be better able to ensure developers are up to date with both the latest news on the Windows 7 Development story and the Windows 7 User Experience story. The Windows Blog hosts several “satellite” blogs, including:

· Windows Vista Team Blog – to stay updated with news about Windows Vista

· Windows Experience Blog –to read about the amazing user experiences you can have with Windows 7

· Windows 7 Team Blog – to learn about all the important Windows 7 news and announcements

· Windows Security Blog –to become aware of all the things that go into having a secure Windows environment

· Windows for your Business – to discover ways Windows 7 benefits commercial customers

And, of course, the new Windows 7 for Developer Blog, which is our Windows 7 developer-focused blog. Our focus here will remain on topics of special interest to the Windows 7 developer community and we will continue to provide both native and managed code examples and insights.

I will still post to this blog, but about more general topics and ideas.

See you all at the new blog location -

Make sure you update your RSS feeds to the new blog RSS feed.