How to: DirectAccess Client tracing

Applies to:

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.0

Windows 7

When you are troubleshooting DirectAccess issues on a Windows client, we often like to gather diagnostic data from the DirectAccess client during a failed connection attempt.


Start, CMD (Run As Admin),


MD C:\logfile

Netsh.exe trace start scenario=directaccess capture=yes report=yes tracefile=C:\logfile\datrace_%ComputerName%.etl

Netsh.exe wfp capture start file=c:\logfile\


At this point, disable and re-enable the internet network connection and then try to connect to an internal share. Afterwards, run the following commands:


Netsh.exe wfp capture stop

Netsh.exe trace stop


In c:\logfile zip up the datrace.etl, and




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