List of cumulative update hotfixes for Windows 10 (RTM)

Applies to:

Windows 10


Note:  You should check for the latest version of the different files.

Note 2:  These are not available in Windows Update.

Note 3:  You can download them without entering your e-mail address and captcha if you are a Microsoft Premier customer and have a      account.

Note 4:  Carefully review the list and decide which might be applicable to your unique environment.

Note 5:  Test in your test and your quality assurance environment.

Note 6: Windows Hotfixes and Updates - How do they work?

Note 7: How to Forcibly Install the LDR Branch from a Particular Hotfix Package

Note 8:  To learn more about OS Patching Guidance for Window 8.x and Windows Server 2012 x, check out my peer Robert Smith's blog post:

 OS Patching Guidance for Windows 8.x and Windows Server 2012 R.x

Originally published Aug. 2015.  Updated Aug. 2015.


Windows 10 cumulative updates:

3081424 Cumulative Update for Windows 10: August 5, 2015

3074683 Cumulative Security Update for Windows 10: July 29, 2015