Tool: When troubleshooting a website or webpage in Internet Explorer

Applies to:

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 6


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I’m pretty certain that most administrators have heard of Fiddler Tool by Eric Lawrence who used to be a Microsoft Internet Explorer Program Manager but now working at Telerik.

Now how many times have you thought, there should be a simpler way of asking end-users to capture a Fiddler trace without installing the whole application.


Your question has been solved by them at:



Instructions per the website:

  • Download FiddlerCap
  • Close all instances of Internet Explorer.
    Run the FiddlerCapSetup.exe file.
  • FiddlerCap will start automatically when the installer completes.
  • Unless your debugging buddy has asked you to skip this step:
    • Inside FiddlerCap, click the Clear Cookies button and
      then the Clear Cache button.
  • Inside FiddlerCap, click the 1. Start Capture button.
  • A new Internet Explorer window will appear. Use Internet Explorer's address bar to go to whatever site you need and reproduce the problem.
  • To add a screenshot to your capture, press the +Screenshot button inside FiddlerCap.
  • Inside FiddlerCap, click the 2. Stop Capture button.
  • Click the 3. Save Capture button. Save the .SAZ file to your desktop.
  • Email the .SAZ file from your desktop to your debugging buddy.”


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