Windows 10: Using CopyProfile for the “Start Menu” has been deprecated.

Applies to:

Windows 10 1803 ((tbd))

Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators update)

Windows 10 1703 (Creators update)

Windows 10 1607 (Anniversary update) / Windows Server 2016

Windows 10 1511 (November update)

Windows 10 1507 (RTM)

[Problem description]

  • Start Menu does not work at all.
  • Start Menu (and cortana) will become unresponsive, leaving users without a working Start Menu

Q:   Moving forward we can no longer expect CopyProfile to set the Start Layout, pined Items and customized backgrounds? Is that correct?

A:   That is correct.  "The Start Menu Product Group does not support customizing the Start layout with copyprofile. "

“Using CopyProfile for Start menu customization isn't supported. Here are the ways to manage custom Start layouts in Windows 10:


Customize the Default User Profile by Using CopyProfile

Q:   Are other portions of CopyProfile still supported in Windows 10?

A:   Yes, everything in CopyProfile except the “Start Menu” and “Taskbar” layout are supported in Windows 10.


Q:   What’s the alternative to customize the “Start Menu” during a deployment or imaging?

A:   Use the Group Policy:

User or Computer / Administrative Templates/Start Menu and Taskbar/Start Layout


Configure Windows 10 taskbar

Manage Windows 10 Start and taskbar layout

Pimp my Windows 10 – Business Customization Reference

Q:   How does it work?

A:   Import-Startlayout modifies the default user profile. All new users that login after import-startlayout has been run will get the new StartLayout.

Q:   I want to be able to 'force' some items to be pinned but I also want my end-users to be able to customize their own apps in the Start Menu.

A:   To be able to get the end-users to pin their own Start-menu items, there is a ‘Partial Lockdown’ where you need to specify “OnlySpecifiedGroups”

Locate the <DefaultLayoutOverride> section and add a parameter as detailed below.

<DefaultLayoutOverride LayoutCustomizationRestrictionType=”OnlySpecifiedGroups”>


Customize and export Start layout

Windows 10 Start Layout Customization

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