Almost final speakers and sessions list for Developer Track - Teched Israel 06

It is starting to take more shape, this is a partial list for sessions that may be interested for devs.


2 Highlight sessions of the day:

Clemens Vasters is going to talk about Newtellivision.

Dennis Minium will talk about how we dogfood Team Foundation Server.


The almost full list:


Dev Track:
WINFX Overview Payam Shodjai
Windows Presentation Framework Part 1 - Getting to know the key concepts of the next generation UI Technology Arik Cohen
Windows Presentation Framework Part 2 - Interoperability with Windows Forms Arik Cohen
Windows Communication Foundation Part 1 - Introduction Clemens Vasters
Windows Communication Foundation Part 2 - Writing Reliable and Transacted Distributed Applications Shy Cohen + Payam Shodjai
Newtellivision - Clemens Vasters new Pet Project Clemens Vasters
Windows Workflow Foundation Part 1 - Introduction Israel Hilerio
Windows Workflow Foundation Part 2 - Integrating WWF into your current projects Israel Hilerio
Creating a Multi-Tier Application Using VSTO 2005 John Durant
Team System - Managing your daily and automated build
An In-Depth Look at Team Foundation Version Control Dennis Minium
Team System - End To End Application Life Cycle Management Hila Lahav
Shaping Team Foundation for your Environment; Customization and Extensibility Dennis Minium
Dogfooding Team System: How Microsoft uses Team Foundation to build Team Foundation Dennis Minium
From SQL Express to SQL Server Data Center Edition - The Developer Perspective Jackie Goldstein
The .NET Language Integrated Query Framework: An Overview Luca Bolognese
Using the .NET Language Integrated Query Framework with Relational Data Luca Bolognese
Advanced Windows Form Data Bindings - How to exploit .net 2.0 advanced binding features and write less code Eyal Vardi
Getting Specific on Generics Noam King & Alon Fliess
Deep Reflection – What's new, hot and important in .NET 2.0 Roy Osherove
ASP.NET 2.0 Behind the Covers - Exploiting and Unleashing Hidden Features Leon Langleyben
Deploying Managed Applications in Dev, Test and Production Environment Shachar Nechmad
Secure Application Development Akshay Aggarwal
Office Track:
Programmability Improvements in Office 2007 John Durant
Security Track:
Threat Modeling Akshay Aggarwal
Connected Systems Track:
Microsoft Integration Technologies: When to Use What Chad Hower