The local BorCon in Israel on the 22-11-04

The local BorCon will be happening on the 22nd, I’ll get the chance to talk for 20min. about the benefits of moving from win32 to .NET. what is weird is that all the sessions are between 15 min. to 25 min. very odd compared to our conferences which the standard time for a session is 1¼ hours.

When Borland talked to me about coming to speak I told them that 20 min. is enough for saying my name and hello to the audience, I guess I’ll need to practice what every experienced speaker knows: You have to imagine that you are in an elevator with the client for 5 min. and that is all you have to make your point, what are the most important things needed to be said in order to make it a great 5 min. session.

I just got Delphi 2005 installed. I used to develop in Delphi up to version 6.0, from there I’ve moved to our tools. I always liked it, though looking at Delphi’s syntax seems a bit odd after coding so much in c#, I don’t remember who said it but I really do think in c#, anything else just seems too odd now.

I’m still thinking about what to present there, your ideas are welcome.