Hello world!

Hello, everybody. I'm Yun Jin, a dev works in CLR's Quick Response Team under Michael Stanton . As Michael mentioned in his blog, our job mostly involves debugging, analyzing and fixing all kinds of weird stress failures in CLR and partner teams. CLR related debugging request from customer is another major issue we deal with. In this blog I want to talk about some tricky (or trivial) mistakes user could make about .Net programming I've seen.

And I happen to be office mate of Joel Pobar, PM of Rotor project. During lunch, he mentioned that a lot of users want better explaination of Rotor code (I understand how difficult it would be to understand such a complicated system by just reading the source line by line). So I also want to share some insight view of the source code of Rotor here.

I just got a new Xbox title which I can't wait to play and I caught a cold today, so let's start the real tech stuff in next entry. :)