The first wave of WF4 Activity Packs are released

I'm very happy to annouce that my team just released 2 pack of Activities for WF4 on CodePlex!

· State Machine Activity Pack.
State Machine is one of the most common asks for WF4’s Activity Palette, especially for WF3 users. This Activity Pack includes a feature-rich State Machine supporting entry action, exit action, conditional transition, nested state, and etc. The designer supports free form editing experience similar to FlowChart. We also released all the source code so everyone could see how to implement such a complicated Activity. You are welcome to download the Activity, give it a try for your scenarios, and let us know how you think.

· ADO.Net Activity Pack.

WF4 does not have any out-of-box Activities for data access. Yet we believe data access is critical for workflow driven business applications. The set of Activities in this pack could execute SQL statements using ADO.Net. Designers for those Activities have some cool interaction with Visual Studio when it’s hosted in VS. For example, developers could access data source defined in VS’s solution explorer and connection string in config files. This is just a start, we are thinking hard about what data access experience should be for WF. So any of your feedback is appreciated.