A New PAL for TMG

Back in 2009 I wrote this post about PAL (Performance Analysis of Logs Tool), during that time we didn’t have ISA/TMG template available. Good news is that we now have the TMG template available!!! Back in April 2010 we had our Security Summit in Porto (Portugal) where we started to elaborate a plan to make this happen.  My contribution was very little comparing with what those guys from PFE did, I pretty much assisted with some TMG perfmon counters/thresholds. Main kudos here goes to: Clint Huffman (the tool owner), Shaf Mahmood, Zbigniew Kukowski (content owner), Dirk-Jan van der Vecht and Luís Galvão.

Download PAL from here, once you install it you will notice that TMG is now on the list, as shown below:


The current template is V2.4 and the template file is located here:


Now you you have a new PAL to help you out. Enjoy it !!