Azure Security Center Network Map

Last week at RSA Security Conference we announced a new set of capabilities in Azure Security Center, and the new Network Map is one of those capabilities that is currently available in Private Preview. This new feature allows you to visualize the topology of your Azure network infrastructure and the traffic to your Azure VMs. It also allows you to create filters by the severity level and recommendations, as shown below:

You can also change the network map to show only the Internet facing VMs, by topology or traffic, the end result is a network visualization that enables you to immediately see what needs to be addressed: 


If you hover the mouse over the VM, you will see more details about it, as shown below:

To see even more details, you can click on the VM, and another blade will open with all the details about the VM. This blade has two tabs, the first one has all the info and recommendations about that particular VM:

The other one has the traffic, which allows you to see the current network rules that are allowing traffic to this VM:


Now that you have an idea how this feature works, you can listen to this chat that I had with Ben Kliger (PM that owns this feature in the Azure Security Center Team) about this new capability. 

Note: the audio is not that great since we were live at RSA recording using my phone.