How TMG Data Packager can assist you troubleshooting VPN Site to Site Issues

Although the VPN template screen (see figure below) doesn’t seems to have any news on this area, the new TMG Data Packager introduces new logs that can assist you when troubleshooting VPN site to site issues.



The Oakley log file that TMG Data Packager creates contains the IKEEXT.ETL (IKE Tracing) and the WFP.TMF (file that will be used to parse the ETL file) files. In order to parse this file you will need to download the tools TRACEFMT.exe and TRACEPRT.dll from the Windows XP SP2 Support Tools. After installing those tools you can extract the content of the TMG CAB file to a folder and run the command below to parse it:


C:\Program Files\Support Tools>tracefmt.exe Y:\temp\VPN\TmgPackage\IkeExt\ikeext.etl -tmf Y:\temp\VPN\TmgPackage\IkeExt\wfp.tmf -o Y:\temp\IKEOutput.txt

Setting log file to: Y:\temp\VPN\TmgPackage\IkeExt\ikeext.etl

Getting guids from Y:\temp\VPN\TmgPackage\IkeExt\wfp.tmf

Event traces dumped to Y:\temp\VPN\TmgPackage\IkeExt\IKEOutput.txt

Event Summary dumped to Y:\temp\VPN\TmgPackage\IkeExt\IKEOutput.txt.sum

Exit Status: 38


After converting it you can read the IKEOutput.txt file, there you will find the log in the following format:


Package is received and processed according to IPSec Parameters that should match between both endpoints:

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 0||Received packet

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 0||Local Address: Protocol 0

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 0||Peer Address: Protocol 0

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||iCookie 98b22fe79d9d675f rCookie 1610c0b30c6bbe60

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||Exchange type: IKE Quick Mode Length 300 NextPayload HASH Flags 1 Messid 0x3d6edc77

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||mmSa: 0x000000000265B9F0

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||Create QMSA: qmSA 000000000265ED60 messId 3d6edc77

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||Processing QM. MM 000000000265B9F0 QM 000000000265ED60

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||Process Payload HASH, SA 000000000265B9F0 QM 000000000265ED60

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||Process Payload ID, SA 000000000265B9F0 QM 000000000265ED60

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||Process Payload ID, SA 000000000265B9F0 QM 000000000265ED60

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||Process Payload SA, SA 000000000265B9F0 QM 000000000265ED60

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||QM propNum 1, transformNum 0, peerSpi 3151228040

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||QM transNum 1

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||PROTO: ESP Algo 3

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||IPSEC_LIFE_TYPE: 1

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||IPSEC_LIFE_DUR: 3600

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||IPSEC_ENCAPSULATION_MODE: 1

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||IPSEC_HMAC_ALG: 2

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||IPSEC_GROUP_DESC: 2

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||IsRecvPolicyTunnelPolicy: TRUE

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||Looking up QM policy for IKE

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||QM localAddr : Mask Protocol 0

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.375 [ikeext] 1||QM peerAddr : Mask Protocol 0

Policy identification and verification

[0]00F8.0B50::01/01/1601-05:01:53.387 [ikeext] 1||Policy

GUID: {a167bf6c-78ff-4b3d-b619-1ea03d29664a}

LUID: 0x8000000000000003

Name: ISA VPN S2S tunnel to network STSTMG

Description: (null)

Flags: 0x00000000

Provider: <unspecified>

Provider data:

Verification of the Quick Mode parameters

Type: IKE Quick Mode Tunnel

Proposals: 1

-- 0 --


    Seconds: 3600

    Kilobytes: 100000

    Packets: 2147483647

  PFS group: 2

  SA transforms: 1

  -- 0 --

    Type: ESP-Auth & Cipher

      Auth transform:

     Type: SHA1

        Config: HMAC-SHA1-96

        Crypto module: <unspecified>

      Cipher transform:

        Type: 3DES

        Config: CBC-3DES

        Crypto module: <unspecified>

Flags: 0x00000080

  Dont negotiate 'byte' lifetime

Local tunnelEndpoint:

Remote tunnelEndpoint:

Normal idle timeout (seconds): 300

Idle timeout in case of failover (seconds): 60



. log continues..


The log can be pretty extensive and it is very important to know what you are looking for (which error are you chasing), mainly when the scenario is related to TMG site to site VPN with third party vendors. Sometimes the IPSec parameters doesn’t match and this is the most common cause for failures during the IPSec negotiation. This logging can be pretty handy in those scenarios since it gives verbose information about what it is happening behind the scene.