TMG E-Mail Protection Feature x Exchange 2010 SP1

Whatta busy week here with this problem. As you might be aware, Exchange 2010 SP1 breaks the integration that TMG has with Exchange Edge when using E-Mail Protection feature, the issue causes the TMG Managed Control Service to fail to start. This issue is documented on our team blog and on Exchange Team blog at We are working on a hotfix for this issue and more news will be posted on the TMG Team Blog as soon as we test the fix in our lab and we confirm that works.

One thing that it is important to keep in mind is the following: don’t make changes directly on Exchange or FPE installed on the TMG Server when this issue happens. What I mean with that? Here it is the issue flow so you can better understand:

  1. TMG Email Protection is working fine.
  2. You install Exchange 2010 SP1
  3. TMG Managed Control Service fails to start.
  4. === Here you identified that you are facing this problem. At this point don’t try to:
  1. Make changes via Powershell (or console) on Exchange Edge.
  2. Make changes via Powershell (or console) on FEP.

The reason behind that is because if you make changes, there is a possibility that once we fix the original issue (with the hotfix that will come up soon), TMG Managed Control Service will still failing to start with the error message below:


…and on Event Viewer you might see the error below:

Log Name: Application

Source: Microsoft Forefront TMG Control

Event ID: 31308

Task Category: None

Level: Error

Keywords: Classic


The Forefront TMG Managed Control service failed to initialize. Error information: Value does not fall within the expected range.

This error has nothing to do with the issue introduced by Exchange 2010 SP1, this is another problem that can be caused by changes that are made directly on those products and when TMG Managed Control Service tries to synchronize the config, it fails. It is important to mention that this failure doesn’t always happen, the normal behavior is to TMG detect the changes and undo it. When TMG is able to do that you will see the following alert:

Solution? Undo the manual changes that were done via those products' console and make sure to always use TMG to manage the configuration among those products (at least this is the behavior now TMG RTM and SP1). In this particular case that TMG Managed Control Service is down, you can’t make changes via TMG console because it will not sync with Exchange Edge and FEP, therefore you should hold any change to be done only after the hotfix for this issue (Exchange 2010 SP1 problem) is released and you had applied on the system.