Code Metrics: Code Metrics Results Exporting

Windows: Alt, V, M (press several times), Enter

Menu: View | Other Windows | Code Metrics Results

Command: View.CodeMetricsResults

SKU: Premium, Ultimate

Versions: 2008, 2010

Languages: C++ (managed only), C#, VB

Code: vstipTool0136


Previously I showed you how to filter your code metrics results. Now let’s look at how to export your results to Excel for deeper analysis. First, you need to calculate your results:



Now, click on the button with the Excel icon on the Code Metrics Results toolbar that is used to export our results:



Once exported, you will have a new Excel workbook with all your data on Sheet 1:



Clearly your ability to use Excel comes into play here. All the data is available for you to manipulate as you see fit. I suggest paying particular attention to the filtering and sorting options that are available as you work with the information: