Docking External Document Windows

Windows:  CTRL + Double Click on Title Bar
Menu:   Window | Dock As Tabbed Document
Command:  Window.DockAsTabbedDocument

SKU: Professional, Premium, Ultimate
Versions:  2010, Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview
Code:  vstipEnv0065



In Visual Studio 2010 we introduced the ability to take document windows outside the IDE:




However, the old trick of double-clicking on the Title Bar to dock the window back into the tab well doesn’t work anymore. It turns out that CTRL + Double-Click is the new shortcut to dock document windows back into the IDE:




If you have installed the Productivity Power Tools ( or have Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview then you have floating tab wells:


You can CTRL + Double-Click on the window’s Title Bar to dock all the tabs in the external tab well.


The strange part comes when you have multiple tabs in an external tab well. If CTRL + Double-Click on an individual tab in the external tab well when there is more than one tab it creates a new tab well with only one tab in it. When you CTRL + Double-Click on a tab that is the only one in the current tab well then it will dock it. Not sure if this is intentional behavior or a bug.