Regular Expression Webcast Series

Regular Expression Webcast Series


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Regular Expressions Series

 In this webcast series, we explore an unsung hero: the regular expression. It slices, it dices, and it can turn twenty lines of code into one line if you know how to use it. Join us as we explore pattern matching and substitution using regular expressions. Also, see how you can use regular expressions in the Microsoft .NET Framework applications with some examples in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and JScript.

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In part one, we explain what regular expressions are, describe how they can be useful to you, and address common misconceptions about how they should be used. Finally, we provide some simple examples of using regular expressions.


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In part one of this webcast series, we introduced what regular expressions are, described how they can be useful to you, and addressed some common misconceptions about how they should be used. Join the second half of our series as we dive deeper into using regular expressions. In this session, we explore the different levels of regular expressions and illustrate how to use metacharacters to improve your expressions. We also examine when and where you can, or should, employ metacharacters.


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In Part III we will explore real-world examples of using regular expressions in different products. We begin with .NET web and windows applications and move on to SQL Server 2005 and Jscript. Additionally we will create a class scenario and work on the solution together as a group.


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In Part IV we will turn our attention to the other side of Regular Expressions: substitution. While many people know that Regular Expressions can be used for pattern matching, few realize that it is also an extremely powerful substitution tool.


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In Part V we will focus on grouping and backreferencing. Now that you have created expressions we will learn how to turn a simple match into an even more powerful capture. Not only will we find the data, we will capture it and use it in meaningful ways. We will also learn how to do sequential matches for the same pattern for finding duplicates.

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In Part VI we will take time to go back over what we have learned so far. This is the perfect time to reinforce what we have learned already with examples and group suggestions. We will use this time to go back over basic expressions, metacharacters, grouping, substitution, etc...

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In Episode VII Luke re-opens the Jedi Academy. Just kidding. We will take a look at regular expressions used specifically in .NET development. A comparison of C# and Visual Basic usage will take place. Also we will examine some of the regular expression options that are available and what impact they have.

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Part VIII begins the deep dive section of our series. In this lesson we will step back from the coding and examine the advanced concepts of regular expression engine types and the ways processing occurs.

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Here we look at several real-world examples of using regular expressions in your .NET Framework applications. The focus is on Windows - Web applications, and usage in the real world. Also, we will discover that security definitely can be a great reason to use regular expressions.

Regular Expressions 10 of 10

We are going to take ideas / comments / suggestions that you have submitted from prior sessions and use them to discuss all types of topics from "where to go from here" to "what are you doing with regular expressions in your world" and beyond!